Frequently Asked Questions

Screening is required for all new owners, renters, leases, guests (over twenty one days), and employees to ensure the safety of all Association members. It consists of a background check, a bank referral and three personal references.

One vote per unit.

Crosley Master Association is established as “housing for older persons under both Federal and State laws. At least one occupant per unit must be fifty-five (55) years of age or older. No permanent member of a family under eighteen (18) years of age shall reside in any unit of this condominium, except a guest of any age may be permitted to visit for up to 21 days in a calendar year.

Crosley is a no Pets Community.


Yes, however you must submit an "alteration application form" for approval, before work begins.

The maximum number of potted plants permitted on patios is two in the front and two in the back.

Not during the first two years (24 months) of ownership.

No. It is included in the monthly maintenance fees.


514 units divided into 8 Villas.

Villa 14 - 76; Villa 15 - 54; Villa 16-54 Villa 17 – 72; Villa 18 – 60; Villa 19 -58 Villa 20- 75 Villa 21- 69.

Yes. You also own an individual share of the common elements (Swimming Pool, Clubhouse, Bocce Court, Horseshoe Pit and Shuffleboard Courts). You also have one parking spot which is identified for your unit. Guest parking is on a first come, first serve basis.

Crosley Master Association Inc., through its Board of Directors and licensed Property Manager.

Yes. The meetings are open, as permitted by law, to all owners.

Attendance is encouraged but not required.

Date and time of Crosley Master Association Board Meetings are posted in the clubhouse, and laundry rooms.


Contractors and maintenance staff.

Yes, as long as at least eighty percent (80%) of all units are occupied by one or more persons fifty-five (55) years of age or older.


Yes, by attending meetings and speaking up.

Crosley Master Association purchases insurance to cover the common areas outside of the unit. You are responsible for everything inside of your unit including anything that is attached to it.

These and many other vehicle types are not permitted on Association property.

It is your responsibility to repair or replace.

We have substantial reserve funds that are designed to reduce the likelihood of this from happening.